teva       chef

we do all we can to be in 

harmony with the planet, including composting our vegetable scraps, using reusable cooler bags, ice packs and food containers, buying organic ingredients, and using natural biodegradable cleaning products.



our vision

to offer the most delicious and nutritious food at the

lowest possible price

we use only 100% natural ingredients.

pure and simple.


no processed ingredients.

no presevatives.

no msg.

no transfats.

no stabilizers.

no artificial colors or flavors.


and nothing you can't pronounce.

teva chef founder chef jesse brings with him from california a lifelong passion for food which is both nourishing and delicious. using his experience as a private chef, co-founder of an organic farm and creator of an award-winning organic school lunch program, chef jesse crafts original and tasty plant-based recipes for you to enjoy. your feedback and suggestions are always deeply appreciated. jesse can be reached at

from california with love

certified organic produce is grown without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, so it's healthier for us, our children, and the planet.

why organic?


our food does not contain:

animal products • sugar • wheat • soy • preservatives • stabilizers processed ingredients • artificial flavors • artificial colors • MSG